Commercial Solar Makes Sense

More and more businesses every year have decided to go solar because it makes both financial sense and makes sense for the environment.

It makes a powerful statement to your customers and employees that your company cares about the future of the earth for our children and future generations.



  • No money out of pocket

  • A monthly payment less than you currently pay the utility company

  • Turn your variable monthly utility cost into a fixed cost

  • 10-25% after-tax IRR

  • 25-year warranties

  • Avoid utility inflation

Example Project:
Medical Clinic - Crystal River, FL


  • Average Electric Bill: $1480 per month

  • 74Kw Solar System

  • Total Cost: $199,800


  • Incentives and Grants: $94,905

  • Net Cost: $104,895


  • Monthly Payment: $748.48

  • Net Cash Flow: $711.52


Solar Trek is your turn-key commercial solar installation provider

Unlike solar sales organizations that subcontract most of the installation, Solar Trek designs, engineers and builds your system from start to finish.

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