JEA Customers, are you ready? How to prepare!

JEA is not for Jacksonville... Solar is the only affordable answer...

Are you prepared for a 52% increase in 2020 on your electric bill? How does a fix-income family prepare for something like this?

We have options and it's solar. Solar pricing is going down every single year. We can provide you no money upfront out of pocket financing. The time is now to explore your options before it's too late.


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"JEA customers face the potential for steep, double-digit increases in electric and water rates over the next decade if JEA clings to a “status quo” approach in the face of changes in the utility industry, according to a dire outlook given to the JEA board on Tuesday.

The base rate for electric bills would increase by 52 percent during that time frame. JEA could hold the base rate increase to 40 percent if the utility stopped making annual contributions to City Hall after 2023, which would blow a huge hole in the city’s budget, according to the report given by JEA administrators." read more

Contact our Jacksonville Office: 904-717-6676 and ask for Jim. He will come for free and give you a free energy assessment!

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We service over 20 counties throughout North & Central Florida Area including but not limited to Alachua, Citrus, Clay, Duval, Lake, Marion, Nassau, Sumter & Surrounding Areas and have been since 1981. 

We have reached "Grid Parity" where it costs the same to buy a solar system and own your power than it costs to rent your power each month for the utility company. And as utility rates rise at an average of 4-5% per year, your system becomes more and more valuable.

Think Solar is Too Expensive? Think Again, Free eBook with Tips & Information. 

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