Welcome to the Jungle.... Solar in any location.

I see a gate so I call our customer and see about a gate code… While waiting, I see monkeys jumping from limb to tree in this vast forest before me. The gate slowly opens and the road turns abruptly to the right. Very narrow… Enough for my Chevy Spark… but not enough for work trucks… I wonder, “How did our guys get through here with this limited space..?” I also wonder, “Am I going to get stuck and have to be towed out…” My curiosity is creeping upon me as the dirt path ahead is very tight and the forest closing in. It’s like a tropical island rain forest… monkeys included! I would have to say, I thought this was paradise. I see a golf cart up ahead and assume I am supposed to follow him/ or her… I drive slowly to not lose footing or miss any wildlife. I hear screeching and what sounds like a deflating balloon up ahead but I see no culprit… I slow the car even slower just in case this is a warning sign… LOL Upon coming up to the noise, I see a proud beautiful donkey bellowing out his “hellos” to the man in the golf cart. I tried to get my camera to work and as soon as it chimed on, he stopped. Guess he was camera shy. I kept following this winding path and golf-cart some ways and nearly missed a couple of other hidden paths calling my name to the left… He would slow for me to catch up as I was so entranced with the property I kept slowing down… wow... all the beauty. We finally come to an open area with a beautiful home secluded and nested inside. I go and meet our customers and new friends! I liken this place to a Jungle but also Paradise. I wanted to see their new solar set-up and the owner tells me, “Well, we gotta hop the cart for that one… it’s a ways away…” So we do. In an opening in the woods, I see our majestic rack. Typical Solar Trek & Caribbean Electric perfection. I hope you enjoy the photos and also the video of my new friend. I did happen to sneak a camera on him when I was leaving! He was all words with the owners but silence to me! Stinker! System Size: 9920 32 Mods 32 Micro inverters

- Lisa LeBel Marketing Manager, Solar Trek & Caribbean Electric www.gosolartrek.com

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