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Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating - The Basics


We are an exclusive Heliocol dealer. Since 1977, Heliocol has been creating innovative solar pool heating with unequaled usability, durability, and elegance. Heliocol also has the only solar pool heating collector that has engineered mounting hardware to mount to a truss!


System Life

A quality product, installed correctly, can last up to 20 years! With warranties of 12 years and useful life in excess of 15-20 years, solar pool heating is a great investment. Use your pool more! Did you know there are 202 sunny days here in Florida? Solar will greatly extend your swim season.


To properly size a solar pool heating system, you use the 100% coverage rule.  For every one square foot of pool surface area, you want one square foot of solar surface area. Exceptions are made for pools located on the north side, shading on the pool, east-facing solar arrays, and other criteria. A Solar Trek Energy Adviser can help you get the most from your solar pool heating system by using the latest site analysis tools available. Book a FREE consultation now. 


Solar pool heating systems are sold by the size of the system. The factors that affect pricing are pool size, materials, and difficulty of installation. Solar Trek will perform a site analysis and provide you with a written quote FREE of charge. 



Because of the long life of solar pool heating and zero operating cost. You can enjoy your pool for up to 9 months of the year at 85 DEGREES or more! 

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