LG Chem (RESU16H)

  • Primarily used to offset poor net metering policy

  • Provides limited emergency power (25A)

  • Multiple batteries can be installed

  • Silent operation

Tesla Powerwall

  • Offset bad net metering policy

  • A viable source of emergency power

  • Multiple batteries can be installed to provide "whole-house" emergency power (e.g. 30A+30A+30A+30A=120A) 

  • Silent operation

SimpliPhi Batteries

  • Primarily used for off-grid systems

  • Multiple batteries can be installed to provide "whole-house" emergency power (e.g. 60A+60A+60A+60A=240A)

  • For long-term emergency power or homes not connected to the utility grid 

Generac Generator

A grid-tied solar electric system must have a battery to provide emergency power when the utility grid is down. 

New technology allows for a grid-tied solar electric system to be connected to a generator.


During the day the solar will supply additional power for electrical loads, reduce the load on the generator, and will reduce the generator fuel consumption. Using this method can extend the number of days your generator can run by as much as 4 times. 

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We service over 20 counties throughout North & Central Florida Area including but not limited to Alachua, Citrus, Clay, Duval, Lake, Marion, Nassau, Sumter & Surrounding Areas and have been since 1981. 

We have reached "Grid Parity" where it costs the same to buy a solar system and own your power than it costs to rent your power each month for the utility company. And as utility rates rise at an average of 4-5% per year, your system becomes more and more valuable.

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