We service over 20 counties throughout North & Central Florida Area including but not limited to Alachua, Citrus, Clay, Duval, Lake, Marion, Nassau, Sumter & Surrounding Areas and have been since 1981. 

We have reached "Grid Parity" where it cost the same to buy a solar system and own your power than it costs to rent your power each month for the utility company. And as utility rates rise at an average of 4-5% per year, your system becomes more and more valuable.

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Word-of-Mouth is Everything... Our Reviews... 

Mindy L.


Type: PV & SPH

Zip: 32224

My husband and I are so happy with both the Solar Panels and Pool heating panels we purchased from Mr. Jim Schwed, Senior Advisor for Solar Trek. Mr. Schwed kept his promise with the quality of materials used and careful attention and care of how the panels were placed. He is a man of his word! The quality is absolutely the very best and the installation was a breeze. Overall, my husband and I highly recommend Solar Trek as the company to go with and Mr. Schwed is the person you want to do business with. He is honest, straightforward and highly professional. Well worth doing business with this organization and its people. Highly satisfied customer!

Dennis H.


Type: PV

Zip: 32162

Solar Trek just left our home following the relocation of 20 solar panels on our home's roof. Their crew consisted of Nathan, Chris and Tristan, and I couldn't have been happier with their professionalism and performance. Only one small glitch, in that one solar panel developed a slight crack during handling, which they pointed out immediately. They installed this panel where it will be easily replaced with a new panel and will perform that work within the next couple of days...couldn't be happier with their work.



Type: SPH

Zip: 32119

Had Solar Panels installed for our pool after Jim came out and gave us a great explanation of their product and how it compares to others. Reliable team from start to finish with a fair price. Highly recommend !!

Kevin & Tanya


Type: PV

Zip: 32145

We chose Solar Trek not only because of the price but also the personal one on one help they gave us every step of the way. We had questions after the install and the owner came out and went over things with us and inspected his installers work.  This gave us peace of mind. 



Type: SPH

Zip: 32256

Years in service and very cost competitive with other companies I contacted. 

John L.


Type: SPH

Zip: 34474

We are pleased with the job that Solar Trek employees Chris and Justin did. They worked all day to remove our older solar system and install the new one. They worked steadily throughout the day and had a very good work ethic. Chris allowed us to record his explanation of how to use the Solar Pool Heating system. We highly recommend this company and especially Chris and Justin.



Type: SPH & PV

Zip: 34432

Patrick and the team at Solar Trek installed our pool solar (SPH) and we were so impressed with their professionalism, that we ordered our first 5kW whole house solar system 2 years later. After looking at our needs, and exploring energy programs that were available, we had them install a second 5kW so we have a full 10kW solar system on our home. Today, we ear credits for 6-8 months a year and use them up in the coldest and hottest months. It is certainly nice to see a $5 electric bill (mandatory fees) with all those credits when the bill comes in! In the 9 years since we have had our system, we had 1 small issue and they took care of it right away. I highly recommend Solar Trek for any of your solar needs. 



Type: SHW

Zip: 34442

Solar Trek sent Kyle and Matt to replace our Solar Hot Water System and the service was exceptional! It was sure this would be a complicated process, but the guys completely removed and replaced the system in ONE day! We are so thankful for the guys hard work! 5-Stars! 



Type: PV

Zip: 34471

The project was handled very efficiently and professional from the original proposal through permitting, installation and follow-up.  Not the cheapest system install I could find but not by any means unreasonable. Totally hassle free. I would recommend. 



Type: PV

Zip: 34442

After moving to Florida from Colorado mountains, I decided to look into solar power for my home. Upon visiting with Solar Trek, I quickly found they were up to date on all information on solar power, installation, and future of solar energy.  I could not have had a better ordering or installation process. After the installation, the tech individuals took the time to go over every aspect of the installation and workings of the solar panels. The owner of the company made certain on several visits that I was happy with the outcome and answered any questions I may have had to that point. Solar Trek is a quality company that should be considered if anyone is interested in adding solar power to their home or business. I have complete confidence in the company. 

Pine Ridge 


Type: SPH

Zip: 34465

Solar Trek gave me a great design with the highest quality materials on the market for my new solar pool heating system. The installation crew was very knowledgeable, had a neat and tidy workmanship, and completed the job in less than a day. 

Conrad Realty Co.


Type: PV

Zip: 32720

It was no small feat putting up a 50kW solar system 2.5 stories up on top of our 1923 masonry building in downtown DeLand, Florida.  Patrick Altier and his crew from Solar Trek handled every challenge, and kept it within the agreed-upon contract price. Service after the sale has been superb. We are extremely proud of our system, and it's saving us real money.